Sat Nam! I was born in Alicante, Spain. My birth was smooth and yet complicated since I came out of the canal of birth nearly asphyxiated, having the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck three times. This is a key aspect, as I later discovered, for my profound interest in breathing patterns.

My mother comes from a lineage of strong women connected to the nature of rural Mallorca and interested in natural therapies. My father, a very resilient man, had a near-death experience when an accident left him physically handicap at a young age. Adversity did not impede him from having a career and creating a family. In this environment I have always shown a great sensibility as well as curiosity for human psyque and the holistic world.

After University, I developed a career in business; as a journalist, in trade and marketing. I was exposed to stress and responsibility. Yoga was always by my side. I started attending hatha yoga classes in the year 2001 in Barcelona.  Working in a publishing environment I soon recognized the benefits reducing my stress levels. I had frequent migraines and yoga was having a positive effect in the quality of my sleeping and being headache free. This experience open up my interest in stress management techniques. 

In the year 2010, while living in Athens as well as the mum of a little girl, I discovered Kundalini Yoga. I went to a trial class by Jiwan Shakti Kaur. I could not help but joining her classes twice a week. My energies where enhanced, my mind was sharp, I was in such a good mood despite difficult times at work. Discovering energies, pranayama and meditation really changed my life. I then prepared my second maternity with Kundalini Yoga (Conscious Pregnancy). It was a big challenge in Greece at that time to have a natural birth (with no medication) after a recent cesarean. Again, the tools of Kundalini Yoga prepared my mindset and together with my yoga teacher and a wonderful team of midwives and a gynecologist we made it.

A year later, with my second daughter on board as a breastfeeding baby, I joined a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Athens. Kriyas, Mantras, Meditation, Breathing Techniques became part of who I am. I enjoy teaching Kundalini Yoga in Lausanne since 2012  bringing other people the experience of personal development & wellbeing delivered with integrity, intuition and empathy. 

With Love and Gratitude. 

Laura (Rajdeep Kaur)