The Atelier consists of a three times meeting that will give you awareness on the basic pattern of your mind, the kind of thoughts guiding your life since your childhood, called otherwise enneagram type. In every meeting we will have three meditations of 11 minutes, each meditation representing one personality type. We will talk about them. After the three meetings there is a recognition about who we are internally, sometimes a revelation or a confirmation of who we really are. It is a powerful time for self discovery, personal development and reflection.

What to expect from the 2 hours: light yoga open to everyone, meditation and relaxation with crystal bowls.

Friday 15/11/19 from 19.00 to 21.00 – the 3 emotion focused personalities
Friday 22/11/19 from 19.00 to 21.00 – the 3 thought focused personalities
Friday 29/11/19 from 19.00 to 21.00 – the 3 instinctually focused personalities
(Upon demand there will be a fourth meeting to share our discoveries and reflections)

Where: Espace Santé Harmonie, Boulevard de Grancy 30, Sous-Gare, Lausanne
Budget: 60 CHF per person, per Friday. Discount of 30CHF or last session at 30 CHF when all three sessions are purchased the day of the first meeting. TOTAL: 150 CHF

Special discount for fidelity card owners.

What to bring: Your bottle of water, a notebook and pen to write. Your personal shawl for meditation and relaxation. Comfortable clothes. Your mat optional.

Please confirm your presence to Spots are limited to 8 people.