Sat Nam,

It is my pleasure to share in this blog with you. This space will be a diary of the readings I go through, experiences, ideas and also events or seminars I organise. The goal is sending you yogic food for thought. In Barcelona, in the 2002, I used to have a weekly section in called Vitamina Mental. This blog brings the possibility to go back to writing about what it can be illuminating for others.
My first piece in this collage will be about love. One of my summer readings was “Love, Sex and your Heart” a book written by Alexander Lowen and published in 1988 which already talks about physical health being dependent on our emotional well-being. The book brings interesting examples on heart health and our emotions in daily live. Below you will find a description of the different stages in life, the needs per stage and the main ways in which each one of them is mainly expressing love:
-A Baby = Needs affection, nutrition, help and protection. The baby is giving back conexion beyond ourselves, renovation, rebirthing
-The Kid = Needs support, protection and approval; his/her love is expressed as playfull happiness
-The Teenager = He/she needs help, approval and guidance; he/she is sharing love through the excitement of adventure, deep relationships
-The Young Adult = He/she needs guidance and freedom; love is expressed as a kind of excitement, the emotion of romatinc love and through sex
-The Adult = He/She looks for a companion to share life with; he/she is willing to give afection, respect and love.
As old fashioned as a chart from 1988 can be I still find it quite updated. I would like to add spiritual love/connection to the universe and to naure.. This is a kind of love that can be experienced regardless of age and remains unchanged.
I am looking forward your comments.
Wahe Guru,